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Top 3 eye clinics in Delhi NCR

Top 3 eye clinics in Delhi NCR

Our eyes make the world a beautiful place. Thus, it needs special attention and lot of care. In case you are having some trouble with your eyes, however insignificant it may seem, do not ignore it. Show it to one of the best eye surgeon in Delhi at the first opportunity and follow it up with recommended treatment. To make decision easier for you, we have compiled a list of top 3 eye clinics in Delhi NCR. Once you are at any of these, be rest assured about being treated for every kind of eye issues; be it checking your eyes for power,  cataract and glaucoma treatment, or crucial vision-loss surgeries.

Top 3 eye clinics in Delhi NCR

  1. R.P. Center for Ophthalmic sciences

Tamso Ma Jotir Gamaya (From Darkness to Light), the motto of the eye centre speaks volumes about is commitment to keep your eye in good health. A unit of All India Institute of medical Sciences (A.I.I.M.S), the centre was launched in 1976 and boasts of some of the best eye surgeon in Delhi. Named after the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, the eye hospital serves as an ideal centre for eye check-ups, treatments, surgeries and also as an eye collection and preservation centre.

  • MM Eyetech

A super speciality eye hospital that is serving the patients since 25 years, MM Eyetech finds strength in its team of best eye surgeons in Delhi, high-tech Bio microscopes and diagnostic and treatment equipments based on German, US and Japanese technology. They specialize in glaucoma treatment, treatment of retinal diseases, refractive surgery, corneal disorders, LASIK, Squint & Oculoplastics and Corneal Transplantation surgeries. Book an appointment with them at 91-11-29847900 or visit their website to know more.

  • Center for sight, Safdarjung

The eye hospital is a brainchild of Padmashree awardee and a reputed ophthalmologist Dr. Mahipal S Sachdev who launched it in 1996 with the mission to provide best eye care to all.  The eye hospital offers a huge variety of treatments to its patients including cataract, cornea services, glaucoma treatment, paediatric ophthalmology and squint, LASIK and refractive surgery and many others through its multiple branches and a team of best eye surgeons handpicked from most reputed institutes of India.

The above stated eye clinics are equipped to handle the most complicated eye situations and should be the destination of choice in case you are facing any problem with your vision.

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