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Get your Retina Diagnosed

Get your Retina Diagnosed

Get your Retina Diagnosed with Optical Coherence Tomography in Delhi

Eyes make you see the world around you, we just do not need to discuss or tell you how important eye care is for you. So quite obviously, taking care of the eyes become not just important but crucial and we are not talking about just about the vision of your eyes but its overall healthcare. Just the way your body’s well being is important, so is the health of your eyes and if not taken care of can lead to many diseases such as glaucoma, diabetes and other age related macular degeneration, which you must not be aware of also. To detect such disease, OCT scan is important and there are various centers of OCT in Delhi.

One such indirect or non-eye contact yet detailed eye scan is Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), wherein light waves are used to register the cross section of the back of the eye images which is popularly known as retina. Unlike other scans it is absolutely painless and fast, not touching the eye ball at all, more like an X-Ray we will say, without consuming a lot of your time or energy.

You would ask as to why such kind of eye tests? Why can’t we just take a usual eye test and be done with it? The reason is that with OCT technology, distinctive layers of the retina can be seen with every back of the eye detail, making the whole process of test and study easier and much more accurate.

OCT in Delhi is done at numerous eye clinics. However, the more known and trusted eye clinics in Delhi are Eye7 Centre, Shroff Eye Centre , MM Eyetech Centre and Centre for Sight amongst many other who offer OCT in Delhi at a competitive price.

OCT in Delhi is done on a large scale for detection of optic nerve disorder and the kind change an eye goes through after suffering from a disorder such as glaucoma.OCT in Delhi is diagnosed at MM Eyetech, with its team of best eye surgeons in Delhi, helps you decide what is most suitable for you. For more information about IOL and cataract surgery, contact us at 91-11-29847900 or visit

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