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Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal Detachment Surgery

Retinal Detachment Surgery: What to Expect

Retina in your eye is responsible for receiving and detecting incoming light and sending brain the image through the optic nerve.  In case of retinal detachment, the retina which normally sits in the back of your eye is pulled from its normal position. This condition separates retina from the underlying blood vessels and interferes with its oxygen supply. Retinal detachment, if not addressed immediately may also result in permanent vision loss. Contact the best eye hospital or nearby eye clinic immediately in case you experience this condition.

Retinal detachment surgery becomes a must if the eye hospital confirms a retinal detachment post initial examination and few tests. Depending upon your condition, your eye clinic will suggest you one of the following options:-


In case the vitreous gel in your eye contracts and tugs on the retina, thus causing a retinal detachment, your eye clinic will most likely suggest a Vitrectomy. In this, the surgeons at the eye hospital will remove the vitreous humour from your vitreous cavity so that it no longer pulls the retina and the retina can again lie flattened at its place. The vitreous cavity is then filled with gas or air bubble or silicone oil. The gas and air bubble eventually are replaced by body liquids while the silicone gel has to be surgically removed later. After the procedure, the doctors at your eye clinic will advise you to lay or sit in a certain position such that the air or gas bubble exerts the required pressure on the retina and repair the detachment.

Scleral Buckling

Unlike Vitrectomy, Scleral Buckling exerts pressure on the retina from outside the eye. A piece of plastic or silicone or sponge is used in the surgery to push the eye inwards, thus forcing the excessive vitreous humour between retina and retinal pigment epithelium to squeeze out from the retinal tear. These in turn attaches the neurosensory retina back to its blood vessels and help it to receive oxygen. It also ensures that vitreous gel no longer pulls at the retina. Treatment at a good eye clinic shall ensure excellent results.

In both cases, expect pain, blurred vision and soreness in the eyes for several weeks after the surgery. Though the surgery does not interfere with your usage of your eyes, do prevent strain on it and ensure that the eyes are not hit or undergo any trauma. The retinal detachment surgeries may or may not restore your vision completely and patients may often face permanent loss of peripheral or central vision or may face blurred vision issues. Thus, treatment from only the best eye-hospital is advised. You may contact MM Eye Tech at 011-29847800 or visit their website to know more about the disease and its cure. Click here:

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