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  • S. Y. Quraishi

    Chief Election Commissioner of India

    As D.M. Gurgaon, I first met Dr. Madan Mohan in 1980 when he adopted Gurgaon as a District Pilot Project for Control of Blindness for the Dr. R. P. Centre, AIIMS. His missionary spirit and his professional pre-eminence has made him a legend in his life-time.

  • Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Mr. A. B. Vajpayee

    Excerpts from the Letter
    dated 18th March, 2004

    Dear Dr. Madan Mohan,
    “I write to record my gratitude and deep appreciation for the medical care you have provided me over the past many years. I value our association, which goes back several decades, from your days at the Ophthalmology Centre at AIIMS.

    Your medical advice has been invaluable for me for all these years and the care you provided to my eyes helped strengthen me in carrying out my responsibilities as Prime Minister.

    I would like to specially thank you for taking time out to look after my eyes whenever I have needed your help.

    I cherish our association and hope that we continue it in the future.”

  • Mr. Brij Mohan Munjal

    It was a new experience for me to be operated upon without anaesthesia injections. Dr. Sahib's family is Gifted Family.

  • Mr. A. K. Chauhan

    Chairman, Amity Group

    Dr. Madan Mohan Ji is regarded as 'Bhisham Pitamaha' and a Doyen in the field of Eye Care.

  • Sh. Pawan Chamling

    Chief Minister, Sikkim

    Your medical advice and treatment has given fullest satisfaction and has been a source of strength as it has helped me in carrying out all the responsibilities as the Chief Minister. Your invaluable service has also benefitted many Sikkimese people.

  • Prof. (Dr.) Yog Raj Sharma

    Chief, R.P. Centre, AIIMS

    Best — Always — Best

  • Sh. P. R Rao

    Sr. Advocate Supreme Court

    The MM Eyetech Institute is one the most well equipped Centre Of Ophthalmology run by highly qualified and experienced team of specialists and technicians. This is the best place I found for treatment of eyes and problems of eyesight. The Institute maintains very high standards. Its public relations and patient care are excellent.

  • Hon'ble Sheila Dixit

    Former Chief Minister, Delhi

    Dr. Madan Mohan has done it again and made Delhi so so so proud.

  • Justice Kuldip Sood (retd.)

    High Court Shimla

    Your skills are equal to your humility and both are beyond words.

  • Sh. Hari Shankar Singhania

    Chairman, J. K. Singhania Group

    It was fascinating and extremely educative to watch the entire operation on C.C.T.V. The entire staff is very courteous and helpful.

  • Sh. Soli Sorabjee

    Indian Jurist and Former Attorney General of India

    The MM Eyetech Institute for treatment, I feel very comfortable because to me Dr. Madan Mohan and his team are like family members. I am thankful for the thorough attention and treatment. The cordial atmosphere of the Institute is its outstanding attribute.

  • Hon’ble Governor Mr. A. R. Kidwai

    Excerpts from the Letter

    Your invaluable services as advisor to the Government of India have made a real difference in the lives of poor and needy. With safer and hygienic eye camps and eye banks, millions of people have benefitted all over the country.

    DR. RISHI MOHAN is following in the footsteps of his father PROF. (DR.) MADAN MOHAN, [PADAMSHREE]. It is not surprising that DR. RISHI MOHAN [GOLD MEDALIST] carries forward the torch to give hope; care and cure to millions of people suffering from multitude of eye disorders. HE IS AN INSPIRATIONAL EYE CARE PROVIDER IN THE PRIVATE SECTOR.

  • Mrs. Arti Das

    An old patient suffering from chronic eye disease

    I developed "Dry Eyes" in the year 1997 and developed Cataract in both my eyes in the year 2009. Today my cataract problems are behind me as Dr. Rishi has successfully operated on both eyes through a Phaco cataract removal which is a precise and short bloodless and stitchless surgery with implantation of foldable Intra Ocular Lenses. I have a perfect 6/6 vision in both eyes.

    I salute you Dr. Rishi Mohan, for being the wonderful doctor that you are. Your dedication and devotion to your profession are truly praiseworthy.

    Please accept my heartfelt gratitude for your care

  • Mrs. Taranjit Kaur

    B2C, 64 B, Janakpuri, New Delhi

    I was undergoing the problem since many years. I GRATEFULLY THANK DR. RISHI MOHAN AND DR. INDIRA MOHAN. For preparing (Building) my will power for operation. For CATARACT SURGERY. The whole process was very simple. There was no hesitation, no pain at all. After my operation I feel I have come across a new world.

  • Mr. O.P. Munjal

    Hero Cycles Ltd.

    I am one of the admirers of Dr. Madan Mohan and Dr. Rishi Mohan as I have got both my eyes operated by Dr. Sahib, one of the eyes was very complicated case and that too became normal after operation.

    Now today operation of Right Eye of my wife Sudarshan Munjal has taken place. We watched ‘Live’ on TV and are satisfied enough to see the operation and I am confident that this will also prove a success.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • Mr. Pankaj Munjal

    M.D., Hero Motors

    Must Admit, you have built a Land Mark Facility.

    Wish you the very best, to make Pioneer Efforts.

  • Mr. Vasant Sathe

    It was a privilege to have been treated by Dr. Madan Mohan. He has a magic touch. I did not feel any pain either during or after the minor surgical intervention. My best wishes to the entire family of experts.

  • Mr. Brij Mohan Lall Munjal

    I got my cataract removed today at Lasertech where DR. MADAN MOHAN JI, DR. RISHI MOHAN and DR. INDU along with some other aspects. It was new experience for me to be operated upon without anaesthesia injection instead with the help of drops. The total procedure was quite smooth and painless. Dr. Sahib family is gifted family. God bless them all and give them all strength so that they keep serving the community.

  • Padma Bhushan

    Prof. (Dr.) P. Siva Reddy

    This is the best highly equipped, reputed Ophthalmic Institute. Very useful to all those who visit this institute. I am very much impressed with the set up.

  • Dr A K Grover

    Sr. Eye Consultant
    Sir Garnga Ram Hospital

    PROF. MADAN MOHAN – A LIVING LEGEND. The name Prof. Madan Mohan, conjures up the vision of a man of idealism, conviction, determination and a tremendous zeal to pursue his beliefs... Prof Madan Mohan has been a source of inspiration for a whole generation of ophthalmologists... Prof. Madan Mohan has been a surgeon and clinician par excellence... He was way ahead of his time... He and madam have always been there to bless me on all special occasions in my life… We will always look up to him as a great teacher and visionary...

  • Prof. Radhika Tandon

    Prof. I/c Corneal Transplantation
    & National Eye Bank

    It is an honour and privilege to have worked with Prof Madan Mohan, a towering personality in the field of Ophthalmology! No words can fully express the length of his achievements nor the breadth of his contributions or depth of my admiration and gratitude… A surgeon par excellence, an astute clinician, a thorough gentleman and a role model of graciousness, he walked the talk of Ophthalmology really exuding goodness all around…

  • Dr. Gobinda Mukherjee

    Sr. Ophthalmologist
    Past President, Delhi Ophthalmological Society

    PROF. MADAN MOHAN – MY MENTOR & A TRUE ADVISOR I vividly remember the words that Prof. L. P. Agarwal then told me – “I am putting you under Prof Madan Mohan, the best surgeon in the centre, try and learn as much as you can”... A mentor is a true mentor, when he is happy with his disciples excel – This was evident whenever I achieved something of even at a much later date...

  • Prof. P. N. Tandon

    Emeritus Prof. AIIMS and National Research Professor

    WELCOME TO CLUB 90! In March 1965, Madan was already a well-established faculty member, known for his outstanding professional skills … Always elegantly dressed, slim and trim, Madan, known for his gentle, soft spoken personality, was a role model for his students, and the dependable colleague… An avid badminton player, he was found of gardening and experimented with various types of grass on his campus house lawns, and later on at his farm house… So ‘Dear’ you were, and ‘Dear’ you will remain... -

  • Dr. Manoj Mehta

    Sr. Consultant

    Prof Madan Mohan has been a mentor to several generations of Ophthalmologists in India... A surgeon par excellence, a sensitive human being, a lovable teacher, a thorough gentleman, blend of exceptional humility and grace, one could run out of adjectives to describe qualities in his magnificent persona… He has had this unique ability to inspire his students and has lead by example in his personal and professional lives... Prof Madan Mohan heard about our community outreach project 'Eye Safety During Solar Eclipse' and in no time asked community ophthalmology team to line up in his room and finalise a campaign with the volunteers.

  • Mrs. Rama Pilot

    28th December, 2014

    Dr. Rishi Mohan and Dr. (Mrs.) Mohan has done wonderful work for the society. People love this and them.

  • Mr. Richard Skolnik

    World Bank, Washington

    Thank you for your gracious hospitality. I very much appreciate the chance to meet you. I wish you well and hope to see you again.